Support to the World Food Program in the Republic of Congo

Project Description

Smartcert assisted the World Food Programme in the Republic of Congo in its submission process for a climate change adaptation project under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Adaptation Fund. This project, “Building adaptive capacity to climate change in vulnerable communities living in the Congo River Basin,” validated by the Fund in 2019, aims to strengthen food security and nutrition through climate change adaptation measures in three departments of the Republic of Congo (Bouenza, Likouala, Sangha), with a focus on indigenous populations and small-scale farmers (representing 70% of women on average). The project’s actions contribute to reducing climate vulnerabilities and strengthening the adaptive capacities of vulnerable communities and the ecosystems on which they depend, by promoting food security, nutrition and gender equality. As part of this service, the Smartcert consultant had to spend a month in the field in the three target departments in order to carry out the various studies and consultations necessary to set up the project. Several face-to-face and video meetings were held with stakeholders in Brazzaville.