Internal and supplier audits

Project Description

SmartCert is recognized as an international leader in environmental audits. Annually, we conduct hundreds of external and internal audits for environmental standards on behalf of clients in the manufacturing sector and for natural resource projects including forestry, agriculture and peat. We have institutional clients, NGOs and private companies around the world. We meet all the needs of our customers in terms of audits. In particular, we perform FSC internal audits for companies that manage multi-site certificates, carry out risk analysis for legality in the supply chain, and manage a national verification body (independent auditor) for a Congo Basin country.

Here are some of the certifications for which we can conduct audits:

Certifications for several industrial sectors

ISO 14001 – Environmental management

ISO 9001 – Quality management of products and services

Certifications for forest management

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) Forest Management Standards

FSC Controlled Wood Standards


Certifications for processing plants or wholesalers in the forest industry

FSC chain of custody


Certification for the peat industry

Veriflora for peatland

Certification for the food industry

SAN certification

Marine Stewardship Council

Aquaculture Stewardship Council

Organic certification

Certification for the fashion industry

Textile exchange

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