Environmental studies

Service Description

Our team carries out different types of environmental and social studies that meet our client contractual, corporate or legal requirements.

We conduct impact studies of industrial activities on high conservation values (HCV), on wildlife and on local communities.

In Quebec, SmartCert performs Phase I Environmental Site Assessments and Environmental Compliance Audits (ECA).

A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment is a study to determine if a property presents potential or actual risks of soil and/or ground and surface water contamination. A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment consists of a literature search, site inspection and interviews to reconstruct the history of the site and to identify the environmental risks. Such a study is often required by banking institutions during real estate transactions. Our team will be pleased to meet your needs for the realization of Phase I.

Environmental compliance audits are designed to determine an organization’s level of compliance with codes, regulations, legislation and any other applicable criteria.